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The Hakku service has encountered a potential problem with product downloading links sent via email. If the attempt to download the product is unsuccesful, we recomment ordering the spatial data products logged in to the service and downloading them via you own order history. For more information, if necessary contact me:  jari.vaatainen @ gtk.fi.

Publications, reports, maps and posters

Information about all archive reports drawn up by GTK and handed over to it, and about maps and research publications published by GTK. The approximate number of full texts in PDF format is 13,500.

Spatial data products

Includes coordinate-bound, digitally distributed material. Different types of units, occurrence information and map files, prepared from observation and measurement material, are distributed as geographic information products. New products are being developed on a continuous basis.


Geology in different forms in artefacts, buildings, landscapes and rock samples. Includes more than 12,000 image files, starting from the year 1870.

Map drawings

Information about GTK's old geological maps, drawn by hand, in 1850–1970. There are more than 3,100 maps, and they are all downloadable in high resolution pictures.