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How to order

Searching and browsing products

You can browse products directly by clicking the Products link in the menu bar located at the top of the page. This opens a list of our products. If you choose Publications or Maps, the search function only looks for the chosen item type.
If you know which product you are looking for, you can use the Search field on the home page of the store. The search function will look for a product name (full name, word or a part of a word).

When you choose a search method, an advanced search page opens. You can use it to organise search results or change the search criteria.

Advanced search

By using the advanced search you can search for products or refine your search by using the criteria on the right side of the page.
Map sheet
Series name
Analysed elements
Ore minerals

Some criteria have been pre-defined in drop-down menus. Other fields allow you to enter free search strings. You can also organise search results according to the following criteria: Item, Author and Year.

Searching spatial data products

You can serach spatial data products according to product name and discription. It is also possible to select only Open license or Free of charge products. Open the discription of the product by cklicking the plus-sign in front of the product name.


You can get various benefits by registering. If you register, you do not have to enter your address information again when placing orders. When you log in using your credentials, you can also view your order history and the status of your orders. It is, however, possible to submit individual orders without registering.

If you have already ordered publications or spatial data products without registering your e-mail address, you can register it using "Forgot your password" operation.


Move the products you want to buy into the shopping cart by clicking the Buy button. The shopping cart is located at the top of the page. It shows you the total price and the amount of products in the shopping cart. You can remove a product from the shopping cart by clicking the X button. You can view the contents of the shopping cart by clicking the Edit button. If you click the Order button, you will be directed to the Customer information page.

The ordering process includes five stages:
1. Product confirmation
You can change the number of items or remove a product from the shopping cart. Remember to update the changes.
2. Customer information
Choose the method of delivery and fill in the customer information. It is possible to choose the shipping address separately. It is also possible to register to or log into the service in this screen.
3. Preview
This stage shows a list of products in the order including the delivery fees and shipping information of the order. Read and approve the online store’s order and delivery terms and conditions.
4. Payment
Pay you order through the service provided by Paytrail either in your online bank or with a credit card. After the payment, you will be redirected to the online store.
5. Order confirmation
We will e-mail you the order confirmation from the online store and the payment confirmation from Paytrail.


The price of a product in the online store is the price shown in the online store. Single copies of some of our products are free (0,00 € in the price field). Delivery fees will be charged separately. In addition, free PDF versions of most of our products are available for download. These include products that are only available in digital form and print products that have been sold out.

Delivery fees

Delivery fees for printed products are order-specific and depend on the destination country:
Finland 6 €
The rest of Europe 12 €
Countries outside Europe 24 € 

There is no delivery fee if the customer picks up the products from GTK's Espoo office. Delivery fee is always charged on free products.

There is no delivery fee for spatial data products.

Contact details and feedback

The online store guides you through the ordering process. If you have questions about the online store, you can also contact our customer service: