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Information about the service

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Service content

The search service covers public information produced and obtained by GTK. Content is continuously accumulated through new reports, publications, position information products, and digitising old material.

The majority of the content is in direct online distribution. Products available for sale include printed publications and maps, and some of the spatial information products.

Many pieces of observation and measurement information and related interpretations can be viewed through separate map services available in the Information Services menu on GTK's website and under the front page's theme tabs.

User rights and obligations

The purpose of the service is to make spatial data available to those who need it. When downloading information and further utilising it, take into account the appropriate procedures, such as respecting copyrights, the right to be acknowledged as the creator (source is mentioned), publishing permits, licenses guiding the further use of products, etc. The terms of use for GTK websites and products are collected on this webpage:

GTK online service and product user rights

Processing of customer information

When downloading spatial information and purchasing it, the user is obligated to give their email address, to which the system sends a link for downloading the information.

The information submitted by the user is only used for delivering the products to the customer and for processing any complaints. Based on the IP address, roughly categorised statistics of the download volumes can be drawn up (companies and authorities, research and education, citizens and others).

Register specification

Feedback or service requests

Positive and negative feedback on the service content, usability, performance, etc. will be gratefully received so that we can make the service even more user-friendly.

If it is really difficult to find the information you are looking for, you can submit an information search request to us.

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Effective use of the search service, advanced search

The service is based on utilising information product metadata. The user's task is to define what information is used to limit the search to cover the part the user is interested in.

The search can be launched directly in the instant search field of each tab, in which case the search simultaneously targets several description fields, or by using the advance search, where a higher number of search terms is possible.


Publications, reports and maps

Spatial data product


Map drawings

Alternative services

Hakku covers public information produced and obtained by GTK. Information produced elsewhere can be searched for in our library's collections, in which case the material can be requested for viewing or on loan.

The collection information is very extensive, and can be accessed via the Summon search service, where the GTK library collection information has also been taken.

General information about geology is also provided by the geologia.fi online service.

Spatial data product orders

GTK's productized free of charge and chargeable spatial data products are downloadable from the Hakku online store. Free of charge products are either in accordance with GTK's Open licence or Basic licence . Chargeable products are always in accordance with GTK's Basic licence.

Other spatial data products must be ordered separately. GTK grants fixed-term, parallel access rights to spatial data. Upon handing over user rights, a material handover contract is drawn up with a basic license which limits the material covered by the user rights, and the duration of the user rights. The terms of use, material-specific access right fees, and other costs are given in the material handover contract.

Enquiries and orders can be submitted to: geodata@gtk.fi

Methods of payment: cash on delivery (for private individuals) and invoicing (for organisations).

Spatial data product detachment, processing and delivery costs

Unit Price in euros (excluding tax) Price in euros (including tax)
Data extracting and handling by spent working hours. Minimum fee is for half an hour. Work hour 145,00 179.80
Data extracting and delivery via offer procedure of the ready data packages and standard products mentioned in this price list. Product 243,80 302,31
Data conversions by spent working hours Work hour 145,00 179.80