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Geology in different forms in artefacts, buildings, landscapes and rock samples. Includes more than 12,000 image files, starting from the year 1870.

Search for images by entering Finnish keywords or location names in the text field. For example rapakivi or Iisalm

OR search for images by cropping an area on the map. Please note that only a part of the images includes coordinate information.

The orange dots indicate where the images were taken. Please note that only some images include coordinate data and can be searched for in this way. To zoom the map in or out, use the + and - tools on the left-hand edge, or scroll the mouse. Drag and drop to move the map. The Info tool shows a preview of the map location's image. With the area selection tool, you can select all images of your preferred area on the map. You can use the tool several times in a row, which means that you can make varying area selections. To deselect, click the mouse button on an empty area on the map. When you press the "Show selected" button, the images taken in the area you have Please accept the user rights terms before you can download photo.selected will transfer to the search results page. You can limit the search results there by checking the box "Focus on the photos selected on the map" section of selected images and by entering keywords in the search fields.

Ylimääräiset geologit (vasemmalta) Pentti Eskola, Carpelan ja Kyrklund.

Picture: Benjamin Frosterus, 1904. GTK. Open